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Joel Vanderveen - Owner, Business Development

Experienced web fanatic, SEO and Internet Marketing, WordPress, Creative Suite, Social Media and Local Search. Whatever the need, I either can do it, or figure it out.
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Lisa Lemons - Website Developer

Web designer and an application developer. I'm always on top of my game.

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Lisa Lemons

I’ve been tinkering with computers in every way imaginable since I was young. When I began college, I discovered programming and fell in love. I’m an application developer and a freelance web designer. My diverse experience with technology has awarded me  a broad skill set that I am always seeking to expand. I have much to offer when designing your web page, and I’m willing to go the extra mile – every step of the way.

 Joel Vanderveen

I am an experienced web fanatic who has taken a serious look at becoming a master of all things internet. My education at Calvin College shaped me into a critical thinker and learner, adaptable to any task or job. My formal training in SEO and Internet Marketing have given me the tools I need to apply them to your business. My curiosity and willingness to try new things have taught me  WordPress, Creative Suite, Social Media and Local Search. Whatever the need, I either can do it, or figure it out.

Web Solutions

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Internet Marketing

With the web, getting the word out about your business has never been easier and more difficult at the same time. GR Web Tech can help you and your business get the placement you need. With basic on-site optimization packages, local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages Google Adwords accounts, or a full on dedicated SEO service, GR Web Tech can ensure your business is represented well online. We can optimize your new website, re-optimize your old one, or just help with creating great content. Like potential customers, GR Web Tech takes your online reputation very seriously, and can help you put your best foot forward online.

Responsive Websites

All of the websites designed by GR Web Tech are built responsively. No matter how big or small the screen is, your website will resize to continue looking beautiful on any mobile device. Go ahead, re-size your browser to see what we mean.

We build a lot of our websites on WordPress. In fact, because we believe in the tools we use, we built this website on it too. You can trust any website we create for you will be as powerful and beautiful as the one you’re viewing right now. Look complex? WordPress is easy. This means when you need to change something on your new site, you can. No HTML mumbo-jumbo knowledge needed.

Social Media

So, you have a Facebook, and a few reviews on yelp, but not much else. Social Media seems like a great way to get business, but you’re not sure how to turn your likes into walks through the door. GR Web Tech has been helping businesses turn likes into profit. It doesn’t matter if you sell in a store, work to gain clients, or sell something online, Social Media can help gain qualified customers, and keep the ones you already have.


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Contact: Joel Vanderveen
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Contact: Lisa Lemons
Email: lisa@grwebtech.com